Things To Do In Lake Mburo National Park

Things To Do In Lake Mburo National Park

Where To Do In Lake Mburo

Game drives.

The park offers various activities and the most popular id game grave where you will see different animal species found in the park. The park has got drive tracks throughout the park to enable driving and for easy game viewing. Depending on the season, the park never disappoints there is still a higher chance of spotting the animals and good possibility that every drive will turn up significant populations of impala, zebra, waterbuck, topi, and buffalo. The Kazuma and Ruroko paths offer the best views of the reintroduced giraffes. Additionally, the timid eland, now numbering over 100, might be seen. Now, visitors can take two to three-hour night game drives to explore the park after dark. These often begin around 6:30 p.m. and are a great way to observe nocturnal species like bushbabies and potto, as well as leopard and hyena, at their busiest.

Walking Safari.

Walk on foot in the park, is the most exciting way to explore whole park as long as you have a guide with you. You will explore the entire park and view the park animals at a close range. Since sight is frequently obstructed by tall growing vegetation which makes it slightly challenging to view the animals while on the game drive therefore, the walking safari, stands to be the most thrilling way to explore the park and view the animals hiding in the tall grass.
The pathways lead to the Rwonyo salt lick, lakeshores, Rubanga Forest, and vantage point hilltops. Offering the best viewing point to locate the wild game.
Walking safari, is also the best way for birding activity, for bird lovers, walking enables you hear the sounds and track down the birds and view them at a close range.


Bird watching in lake Mburo, has increasing become one top attractions in the park with the huge bird species frequently storming the park with the increasing number of birds in the park which has facilitated an excellent bird watching experience. The wetlands and acacia woods of Mburo make and the Viewing platforms built inside the forest and salt licks aid in sightings when searching for the birds on foot, The greatest places to see birds are in the marshy valleys of Waruki and Miriti, and some seen on the sides of roads leading up to the jetty. Some of the birds spotted here include; rufous-bellied heron, bateleur, black-bellied bustard, and red-faced barbet, the latter of which is unique to Lake Mburo National Park, are among others.

Boat cruise

Boat boat cruise on Lake Mburo during which you will come up close with the animals feeding and drinking water along the shores of the lake, besides animals, you will also encounter bird’s species such as; African wattled lapwing, Bare-faced go-away bird, Black-bellied bustard., Greater painted-snipe, Saddle-billed stork some of which are common and others are seasonal birds

Horseback riding

Horseback riding in Lake Mburo national park, is one of the fascinating and unique experience to many travellers visiting the park, horse back riding gives you an opportunity explore the whole park and come up close with the animals on horseback.

Cycling in Lake Mburo national park

Cycling in Lake Mburo National Park is one of the top activities done by many travellers who visit the park. This is where by the travellers explore the wildlife and the surroundings areas in the park on a bicycle, the ride brings you closer with stunning clear views of the huge and small animals that could be covered by the grass vegetation, cycling id unique and one of best activities you ought not to miss when you visit the park.

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