Horse back riding in Lake Mburo National Park

Horse Back Riding in Lake Mburo National Park

Activity In Lake Mburo National Park

Horseback Riding Safaris in Lake Mburo National Park is one of the epic activities in the park, lake Mburo is the only national park in Uganda where you will experience hose back riding from which you will appreciate and love stunning beauty ranging from the animals, different bird species, the lakes and the warm hospitality of the people living in the surrounding community. lake Mburo is truly special.
Lake Mburo national park, has got of a flat land scape which makes it easy drive, ride and walk throughout the park. Horseback riding, is a unique technique to navigate among the wildlife and feel the reactions of zebra and buffalos as you get closer to them. All ages and abilities are catered for through the Mihingo Lodge, therefore, both adults and children can participate in this activity

Lake Mburo National Park contains an extensive area of wetland which has acted as a home to several species of mammals, including zebras, Elands, topi and Buffaloes and wide range of bird species including; the rare shoebill, harrier hawk, green pigeon and double toothed-barbet. The sculptured landscape with rolling grassy hills and lake shores are the best spotting areas to see various bird species, look around through the forest galleries, rich acacia tree valleys, seasonal and permanent swamps offer stunning views for both birds and animals in the park.
The activity is organised by Mihingo lodge situated in Lake Mburo national park. The hotel provides all the necessary requirements for the clients taking part in the activity ranging from stable with horses and ponies, Trail saddles, chaps, stirrups and helmets are available to all the riders. During the activity, you will guide by ranger guide through the trails and animal tracks, the riders are required to wear strong pair of shoes and long trouser since safety measures are taken seriously for the riders. Equipment is fully stocked for the kids and adults. Horseback riding lasts from 30 minutes to many hours depending on your choice and the ability to do the activity. For the riders that may need much more days, the Mihingo lodge can also make arrangements for you, the park also offers 2-3 days safari.
You are also guaranteed that there are lots of photo opportunities as you ride through the Savannah, you cannot fail to appreciate the beauty and splendour of lake Mburo National park, the ride takes you closer to the animals as you navigate among the wildlife and feel the reactions of zebra and buffalos seeing a human on top of horse quite different.

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