History About Kibale National Park

History In Lake Mburo National Park

How It Became A National Park

There are impala, Burchell’s zebra, eland, buffalo, leopard, and an amazing variety of birds, despite the absence of elephants and the presence of just one lion (a lone visitor from Tanzania).
In the continuous ranch areas outside the park, the sceneries and wildlife can be seen on game drives, by boat, on horseback, and by mountain bike.
Due to these alternatives, Mburo is a very cutting-edge safari location that appeals to travelers with a wide range of interests.
Mburo, like Queen Elizabeth National Park, was created as a result of the tsetse fly and rinderpest outbreaks that occurred in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
The communities that had previously used Mburo were relocated, in contrast to Queen Elizabeth, which weakened local support for the park.
Happily, the establishment of the Mburo Community Conservation Unit in 1991 helped array previous complaints and currently makes sure that 20% of the money collected from park fees is used to support neighborhood projects.