Attractions In Lake Mburo National Park

Attractions In Lake Mburo National Park

Where To Go In Lake Mburo

Despite being the smallest national park in Uganda, Lake Mburo national park is one top tourist destinations for many travelers to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park, the park is the only national park in Uganda where you will find the largest number of Zebras estimated to be 5,000 and probably contains the highest concentration of leopard found anywhere in Uganda. More so, Lake Mburo is the only park in Uganda with eland, impala and klipspringer. The park is also famous for having the variety of bird species about 350 bird species, over 68 animal species, lakes among other stunning attractions which have generated a variety of things to do/ activities for many travellers visiting the park.
Lake Mburo national park is agate way to all the national parks in Uganda, the park can be visited from kibale forest national park, Bwindi impenetrable forest, queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls and Mgahinga Gorilla national park among others. The park can be visited enroute to or from any other national parks you will be visiting, the park is Unique in its own nature and easy to access from Kampala. Enroute to lake Mburo, you will have stop over at the equator

Lake Mburo National Park Attractions

The has got number of attractions and lots of activities to do including the game drives in the park to see various animal species, boat cruise in Lake Mburo where you will see lots of animals, water animals and variety of different colorful bird species, Horse back riding, nature walks where you will up close and tight with the animals and also a great opportunity o explore the depth of the park on foot. Other activities include, cycling, cultural encounters among other activities.

Animals in lake Mburo National Park

The park is a home to variety of animal species which can be seen during the game drives and the launch cruise in Lake Mburo national park, the is a host to more than 68 mammal species and the only park In Uganda with the highest population of Impalas. The parks also the only of the two which is kidepo valley national park having the highest population of Burchell’s Zebra and other animal species including; Common eland, Topi, Defassa waterbuck, Bushbuck, Common duiker, Oribi, Bohor reedbuck, Sitatunga, Klipspringer which are some of the antelopes seen in the park.
During the game drives in the park, the common elands are seen grazing through different areas of the park, the sitatunga antelopes are found along the swampy areas whereas the Klipspringer is occasionally observed on the hill, they are also occasional visitors at Mihingo Lodge.
Also, on the water points in the park, you will encounter variety of other animal species grazing on the lush vegetation around the water bodies, the lakes support healthy population of Warthogs, Bushpigs, Buffalos and lots of Hippos seen swimming in the waters.
Some Giraffes from Murchison falls national park were introduced in Lake Mburo National Park, the park has got a total of 15 Rothschild’s Giraffes which have since settled in the park, which can be seen on the northeast of lake Mburo National Park during the game drives.
While on the game drive, you will also see Vervet Monkeys, Olive baboons which are the only two primate species existing in the park. The park is also one of the few places in Uganda where you will fid the Grater Galago with up to eight of these primates, they are nocturnal primates thus sighted during the night at Mihingo Lodge.
The is park is the perfect place for walking safaris, this is where you get to explore the depth of the park on foot and get to see the animals at a closer range. The park has got no elephants and lions thus ideal for walking safaris, the park is also one of the best safari destinations to see the leopards being a nocturnal animal, its mainly seen during the Night game drives and safaris other animals include; spotted hyenas. Side stripped Jackal and several predators are present seen and white-tailed mongoose and three other otter species reside in the lakes.

Rwonyo Rest Camp

This is the center for all the activities in the park, lake Mburo has got variety of thing to so and see during the various activities. The park offers several activities including; game drives, forest walks, biking game drives, nature walk among others. During all these activities, you will be able to explore the various stunning attractions lake Mburo has to offer. Rwonyo Rest Camp is the starting point for all activities in the park.

Lake Mburo

Lake Mburo National Park, is a home to lots of bird species, variety of animals including; the Zebras, Giraffes, warthogs, bush bucks, water bucks Impalas among others and hippos, buffalos are seen around the lake most especially during the dry season, there is a highest concentration of animals around the permanent bodies in the lake. There are also resident birds including; Malachite Kingfishers, pied Kingfisher, African Fish Eagles, Rufous, long tailed Starlings, Blue headed weavers, Green necked Doves, Hammerkops, Pelicans, Herons, Cormorants and the rare shoebill stork among others. Lake Mburo stands as one of the unique and best tourist destination for birding safaris with the lots of bird species to see in the park.

Rubanga Forest

Despite the small size of the forest, there lots to it than you can imagine. The forest is located in the western side of lake Mburo and provides a taste of tropical high forest, closed canopy and viewing plat forms from which visitors are able to see the various animal species and birds in the park. With the help of the ranger guide, you will spot variety of bird species including; Harrier Hawk, Green pigeon, Grey backed Cameroptera, Narina Trogon, Double toothed barbet among others.

Game tracks

The park has got several racks from which different animals and various bird species in the park can be seen, the drive along the eastern part of the park, is rich in different mammal species, animals can also be seen on hilltops viewpoints offers the stunning views of lake Mburo five lakes of which the largest is Lake Mburo national park, the lakes are situated within the Park’s boundary consisting of wetlands, both seasonally and occasional from which you will spot variety of animals grazing along the shores of the lake.

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Accessing/ Getting to Lake Mburo National Park

The park can easily be accessed by road from Kampala/ Entebbe via Masaka Rd and Mbarara-Masaka Rd. The distance between Kampala and Lake Mburo National Park is 210 km. The road
distance is 244.8 km and takes approximately 45 hours to get from Kampala to Lake Mburo National Park, including transfers.
Alternatively, domestic flights managed by Aero link Uganda can be arranged for you from Entebbe to Lake Mburo national park. flying is much easier and less tiresome for the travellers not used to longer driving.