Getting to Lake Mburo National Park

Getting to Lake Mburo National Park

How To Get There In Lake Mburo

Lake Mburo National Park‚ located in western Uganda‚ is a natural haven for fauna and flora with more than 350 bird species. The park is a home to variety of animal species seen during the game drives in the park, the animals include; Impala which are only found in Lake Mburo, highest number of Rothschilds Giraffe, Zebras, warthogs, waterbucks, bush bucks and hippos, Buffalos are seen along the water points in the park. The birds include the rufous-bellied heron‚ bateleur‚ coqui francolin‚ grey crowned crane‚ black-bellied bustard and brown-chested lapwing. A network of game tracks in the east of the park passes through a variety of landscapes‚ including acacia woodland‚ wetlands‚ grassy hillsides‚ rocky outcrops and seasonally flooded valley floors. Birding spots include swampy valleys and viewing platforms near saltlicks and in the forest where you will spot lots of birds, primate species including the olive baboons, monkeys and many animal species.

Lake Mburo National Park activities include;
Game drives/ boat cruise in Lake Mburo
Horseback Safaris
Horseback riding
Nature walks where you get to explore the depth of the park on foot
Lake Mburo national park itineraries are often inserted in to major itineraries to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park gorilla trekking experience, the park is usually visited possibly as overnight stop over to break the long journey from Kampala to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Lake Mburo is located in western Uganda which is approximately 228km from Kampala and 250km to 300km from Bwindi, the distance to Bwindi, is determined depending on which gorilla trekking sector you will be tracking the Gorillas from. The drive from Kampala takes about 5 hours and the drive to Bwindi takes about 6 to 7 hours.
From Entebbe international airport, which is the Entry point in to the country takes about 46 km to Kampala the capital city. For the clients who book the safari with local tour operators, they usually arrange for your pick up from the airport or hotel and you continue with your journey as per the itinerary.
Domestic Flights
For the travellers who want to fly in, your tour operator usually books domestic flights for you as part of your safari package, you can fly from Entebbe to Mbarara which is the closest town to Lake Mburo. Scheduled flights can be booked directly through Aero link Uganda, From Mbarara the, by road trip takes about 2½ hours and the distance covered is 96km.

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