Cycling In Lake Mburo National Park

Cycling in Lake Mburo National Park

Bike Riding In Lake Mburo Area

Despite the size of the park, the park offers various activities to supplement wildlife safaris, such as, horse riding, sports fishing, nature walks and cycling among other. Despite the many activities in the park, cycling in Lake Mburo National Park is one of the top activities done by many travellers who visit the park. This is where by the travellers explore the wildlife and the surroundings areas in the park on a bicycle, the ride brings you closer with stunning clear views of the tall and small animals that could be covered by the grass lands.
During the ride, you will be guided by an experienced ranger who knows the tracks and also to protect you from dangerous animals. The guide will lead you through well established cycling routes that go through plain savannah grasslands, swampy valleys and forested hills where you will spot a number of animals including; Zebras, Impalas, Waterbucks, Warthogs, Elands, Giraffes. Expect to also to also see birds like the pied Kingfisher, Red faced barbet, Bare-faces bastard, African wattled lawping among others.

Cycling in Lake Mburo, is favourable since the park has got less dangerous animals that can attack the riders. The buffalos are the only common and dangerous animals within the park but there is nothing to worry since you will be guided by armed ranger who ensures the safety of all his riders in case of any danger from animal attacks. Cycling is interesting and enjoyable experience to explore the whole park on bicycle and get to see different animal species.
Lake Mburo national park, has got well established cycling routes which provides smooth navigation and riding through the park. The routes go through the plain savannah grass lands, swampy valleys, forested hills, the activities are organised depending on one physical ability and interest. More experienced riders, can take through the hilly areas and other can ride through the savannah grassland, cycling us conducive and ideal for a family vacation as you both ride along each other.
The activity lasts for about 1-2 hours and it begins with the briefing from the ranger guide about the activity, the activity gives you the chance to ride along the savannah where you will see animals like Zebras among others and through the nearby villages where you will meet the locals going about their daily activities.
You are also required to carry some necessary essentials like light clothes for the activity, insect repellents, drinking water and some snacks, camera to capture epic moments, Binoculars for viewing distant birds and other attractions of your interest.

Accommodation options;

Lake Mburo national park, has got a number of stunning accommodation facilities where you can stay during your visit in the park. The lodges are situated within and outside the park but both offering standard and quality accommodation for the visitors. The lodges range from budget camping tents, bandas, luxury cottages to midrange accommodation provided to meet both local and international visitor coming to the park.
All the accommodation facilities, are situated in areas having good views and stunning views of wild life from the terrain and patches of forested grasslands. There are various lodges for you to choose from depending on your interest and the budget for your safari trip, whether you are on budget or luxury safari, we will give you the best experience during the safari trip in lake Mburo national park.
The lodges in the park include; Mpogo lodge, Eagle Nest Lodge offering budge accommodation, Rwakobo rock and Arcadia cottages Mburo offer midrange accommodation and Mihingo lodge, offer luxury accommodation facilities. The lodges are well established and offer excellent customer services. Therefore, you are assured of your best stay in Lake Mburo national park.

Other activities in Lake Mburo National Park

Besides cycling, lake Mburo offers a lot more other activities for the travellers visiting the park, travellers can also engage in activities like Horse back riding which is also one of the unique ways to explore the back and view the animals at a close range, bird watching with over 350 recorded bird species, sport fishing and boat cruise on Lake Mburo is one not miss during your visit in the park. The boat brings you closer to animals where you will lots of animals along the shores, drinking water and other water animals like buffalos and the crocodiles.
Game drives, is the highlight of many activities in the park. The game drive exposes you to lots of animals with stunning views of the Zebras, Uganda, kob, elephants, Buffalos, Mongoose among others and different bird species. Also, you can do a nature walk to explore the park on foot, cultural tours to the nearby villages.

Best time to visit Lake Mburo

The park can be visited any day and anytime of the year based on your interest, the park is open to visitors all year round. The rainy seasons are from the month of March, May and September to December are dotted with rainfall. The dry season are from June, to August, and December to February which is the best time to visit the park when the tracks and the trails are dry and not muddy and slippery. whereas the rainy season some times hinder most of the activities but never the less, both times of the year, will give you the best experience during your visit in the park.

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